Louisiana Women

Because it can’t rain in Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night, our Fridays are a little fucked up.

The perfect fancy dinner for a Louisianian lady.

Waylon Jennings - Louisiana Women

From the gulf of the Mississippi up to Baton Rouge
With the Louisiana ladies boy you just can’t lose
They’ll treat you right Lord Lord Lord treat you right yeah treat you right boy


Corner of Esplanade & Galvez. Sierra’s Bar & Grocery - 1940’s


At the risk of sounding like the proverbial “ugly American” who sh*ts on the customs of foreigners, allow me to explain why…

- First of all, it’s “crawfish,” not “crayfish.” Get it right.

- One does not serve crawfish cold. Crawfish are to be served HOT, fresh from a pot of excessively seasoned, scalding hot water.

- One does not season crawfish with dill. What sort of perverted Euro f*ckery is this? Louisiana should declare war on Sweden for this!

- One does not move a crawfish boil indoors due to “aggressive mosquitoes.” One welcomes the presence of blood-thirsty mosquitoes because it separates the crawfish boil contenders from the pretenders. GROW A PAIR, SWEDES!



Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Go To IKEA’s ‘Crayfish Party

Pickled crawfish sounds TERRIBLE. However, this article is amazing. Go read the whole list.

Jazz Is for Everybody by Carsie Blanton

A sweet, sultry, simply-produced album of great vintage songs. Play it while you throw a classy dinner party or make sweet, sweet love. 


Our friend, collaborator and photographer, Elena Ricci has recently updated her online presence- showcasing her most recent work of observations around decaying Louisiana.

above: excerpts from The East series, 2012.

(via defendneworleans)